Earth Cooperative is a multi-stakeholder (workers, supporters & funders) of individuals and organisations promoting and supporting participation in coordinated, collective action through cooperative and mutual working in communities throughout the world. Many members are actively working to adapt and implement this “Participatory County” model in their area.

Together we will create a framework for coordinated collective action supporting people to adapt and replicate proven social and ecological impact projects throughout communities anywhere in the world.


To respond to the pressing global issues such as avoiding the worst impacts of climate change and mass extinction of species. We believe many of these problems can only be solved through effective coordinated, collective action, supporting people to participate in localism globally.


This “Earth Coop” project proposal defines a route-map to the creation of new models of global cooperation capable of handling global risks, as set out by set out in this Earth Statement published by the Earth League, and re-envisions global governance fit for the 21st century to safeguard our world for the wellbeing of future generations.

It also defines the mechanics of how many Parliamentary Acts recently adopted by national governments, such as the Localism Act in England, the Community Empowerment Act in Scotland and most recently, the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act in Wales, can achieve the aspirations they have committed to.

Earth Coop is a framework for international cooperation capable of addressing the interlinked risks and problems of climate change, other large-scale environmental damage, violent conflict (including nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction), extreme poverty, and expected continuing rapid population growth.

Earth Coop is a decision-making and social organising framework that can galvanize effective action to tackle these risks and is a model of international action led from the grassroots ensuring local ownership, resilience and sustainability. Earth Coop embraces existing societal structures and systems and installs an entirely new level of engagement and authenticity.

Identity, Values & Principles

Can be found in this document

Member Activities

  • Network committed to co-creation: Join the Earth Co-op or a nested community co-operative and establish a network of organisations committed to co-creating a route-map and delivering the above goals in every community, town, region and country on Earth.
  • Democratise your organisation: adopt a process of open and transparent participative decision making by enabling people in your organisation to rate and debate ideas identifying clear priorities that feed into the decision making processes.
  • Crowdsourcing projects: by enabling people to pledge commitment to participate in new and existing initiatives.
  • Participatory budgeting: adopt a process of open and transparent participatory budgeting, and where possible, clearly linking expenditure to stakeholder priorities and projects being crowdsourced.
  • Replication & scale: contributing the co-creation of best practice repositories of projects with proven positive impact that can be seeded and considered by all similar groups worldwide.
  • Mapping resources: co-develop a comprehensive resource mapping platform and participate in citizen engagement initiatives that promote the population of the platform with hyperlocal data.
  • Local economies: participate in co-creating new monetary, barter and reward systems that strengthen the local economy and citizen engagement.
  • Community engagement: co-create new models of public engagement processes and community organising enabling people to re-engage in society as empowered active citizens, where they collectively take responsibility and decide what’s best for their communities, areas and workplaces.
  • Collaborative funding: Search for relevant funds available for collaborative applications to further the Member activities and Earth Co-op objectives..

Targets & Milestones

  1. Submit Global Challenges $5m Competition Application.
    Submitted in Sept 2019 – Draft application here
  2. Foundational Economy Application
    Welsh Government: June/July 2019: application here
  3. Assisting the Delivery of the Climate and Ecological Emergency
    Declared by the UK Parliament and Welsh Government in May 2019
  4. Assisting the Delivery of the Wellbeing of Future Generation Act in Wales
    Create a cooperative organisations from across Wales with a view to delivery of services as defined by the recent Wellbeing of Future Generation Act.
    Draft PSB Well-being plan
  5. Delivery of the Community Empowerment Act in Scotland
    Create a cooperative of community organisations from across Scotland with a view to making a collaborative bid to the Scottish Government to deliver Participatory Budgeting services and other aspects of the recent Community Empowerment Act.

    These community organisations will be capable of delivering authentic community engagement and have a good understanding for how new technology tools combined with modern community organising processes can enable positive change.
    Participatory Budgeting slides here

Longer Term Objectives

A medium to long term objective of Earth Co-op is to focus attention on “geographic community cooperatives” where citizens and organisations can become more formal, active and engaged members of their communities working towards clear common goals.

These geo-coops will help to provide an alternative framework for new social and economic models that serve local people, the environment and the planet at large.

Earth Co-op aims to support the creation of geographic cooperatives anywhere and provide a framework to nest them within.

Earth Co-op would endeavour to ensure the principles, aims and objectives of geographic cooperatives are being upheld; ie. to deliver social and environmental impact as well as financial.

In this way, we intend to create a route-map to a sustainable future that can be simply understood and where people and organisation can easily participate.


These geographical community cooperatives create new opportunities for us to re-engage in society as empowered active citizens, where people collectively decide what’s best for their communities, areas and workplaces.

Communities can then crowd-source their priorities into tangible projects, largely through community owned share schemes, offering local ownership.

Most importantly, the network of nested cooperatives provides a mechanism for seeding and replicating projects with proven social and ecological impact into all similar communities across the globe.



  • Workers
  • Supporters
  • Service Delivery
  • Organisers
  • Residents

Action Plan

  • Hold a Earth Co-op workshop to refine narratives, aim, objectives, targets and agree actions.
  • Create county wide cooperatives that collaborate to implement the Participatory County model – approach Cooperatives UK for support.
  • Create Climate Emergency Centres in each county – approach Church of England/Wales for possible community centred venues.
  • Promote opportunity to collaborate through large networks such Wellbeing Alliance, Teachers without Borders, Extinction Rebellion.
  • Create a network of service providers who can deliver on proven project templates