About Earth Coop

The Earth Cooperative is a project with the the ultimate aim of helping humanity achieve a balanced biosphere as without this there is little or no sustainability of life on Earth.

Earth Co-op is an idea to focus attention on “geographic community cooperatives” where citizens can become more formal, active and engaged members of their communities.

These geo-coops will help to provide an alternative framework for new social and economic models that serve local people, the environment and the planet at large.

Earth Co-op aims to support the creation of geographic cooperatives anywhere and provide a framework to nest them within.

It would also be an organisation that would endeavour to ensure the principles, aims and objectives of geographic cooperatives (ie. to deliver social and environmental impact as well as financial) are being upheld.

Science tells us there is very little time to respond to the pressing global issues we are facing and we believe many of these problems can be solved through effective coordinated, collective action.

Route Map

The envisioned route-map to achieving this goal is through a network of geographical cooperatives spanning parish, ward, town, region, country, all nested within each other.

These geographical community cooperatives create new opportunities for us to re-engage in society as empowered active citizens, where people collectively decide what’s best for their communities, areas and workplaces.

Communities can then crowd-source their priorities into tangible projects, largely through community owned share schemes, offering local ownership.

Most importantly, the network of nested cooperatives provides a mechanism for seeding and replicating projects with proven social and ecological impact into all similar communities across the globe.

In this way, a route-map to a sustainable future can be imagined.

We hope you can also visualise this vision and and will join the Earth Coop movement.